Wind Hunter 19

The inspiration behind the creation of this unit were the Bristol Channel Cutter boats. Such boats were used for loading and unloading large ships in the sea in all kinds of weather. This small yacht is intended for sailing coastal waters; it is of course also suitable for inland navigation – one has to bear in mind, however, that it is a 2 ft draft keel unit. The low location of the centre of effort and the shape of the hull with the narrow transom make the yacht fit for sailing in bad weather. Strong heeling does not cause a drastic change of the longitudinal trim, thanks to that the yacht does not have the tendency to luff up strongly. An adequate parting between the profile lines, despite the small bow overhang, ensures dry sailing by the wind. The chalice-like shape of the hull in the stern section and the already mentioned narrow transom ensure good running at full courses. A solid helm, secured by the keel, with a slightly negative approach angle facilitates sailing upwind – the yacht does not have the tendency for stern lifting by the waves coming from behind. A permanent rudder secured by a skeg and a relatively shallow, but long keel, ensure good course stability – such a solution is fully justified in a tourist yacht.

The typical rigging is a classic arrangement with two pairs of shrouds and a stay fixed to a solid bowsprit. One pair of shrouds, installed before the mast centre, relieves the stay. In more difficult conditions the mast is supported by additional bowsprits. The unit is rigged as a gaff sloop. In order to simplify the operation of the sails, you can employ an unconventional system of blocks and one halyard to lift the gaff as well as a roller jib with a rigid stay. The mast, boom and gaff are to be made from aluminium profiles or a wooden spar. The auxiliary engine may be installed in a well (outboard engine).


Wind Hunter 19
Length LOA 7,10 m
Length LOD 5,80 m
Length KLW 5,50 m
Width B 2,20 m
Width KLW 1,90 m
Immersion T KLW 0,55 m
Wyporność D KLW 1500 kG
Wysokość nad KLW H max 8,05 m
Wysokość SO nad KLW H so 3,65 m
Powierzchnia żagli S 21,5 m2
Grot 14 m2
Fok 7,5 m2
Grot - refy:  
I ref 12 m2
II ref 10 m2