HB Cruiser 21

“HB Cruiser 21” was created for those who like to move silently under the sails, when the direction and the force of the wind are favourable, but want to come home quickly, when the weekend is up, or the when there is a sudden weather change and the port is the safest place to be. It is also the best solution for vagabonds sailing inland waters, who want to efficiently brave swift rivers against the stream, but do not want to be doomed to the sound of the engine, when they come by a lake or a reservoir on their route. All this is also facilitated by the gaff sail, which was streamlined by the constructor, and may be lifted with one halyard. Thanks to that, you get enough sail, when the wind is not strong, but you just have to drop the mainsail by the gaff height in order to pass under many bridges on the larger rivers. It is also safe to pass under overhead lines, and when the mast is laid down, it sticks out only slightly beyond the stern. So, if there are low bridges on the route, you can travel without additional operations, and when you want to transport it on a truck, you do not have to undo the yoke. Also setting up the short mast is not troublesome.

The 300 kg of water ballast ensures the luxury of sailing a relatively light yacht with the engine on, and allows for quickly increasing the stability of the boat if we want to sail safely in more difficult conditions. The ease of decreasing the weight of the boat for the time of transport is also significant.

The size of the superstructure allows everyone under average height to stand straight, and its extensive glazing makes it possible to steer from the inside in unfavourable weather. The sliding hatch, which is broader and longer than the opening of the companionway, secures the interior against the troublesome rain with one swift movement, without the necessity of making the closure of the companionway watertight with joints.

Two full-sized berths in the forepeak and one broad berth, created after folding the table, ensure a good night sleep for four people. There is also a possibility of ordering a boat without a sectioned-off bathroom, which gives us an additional permanent berth.


HB Cruiser 21
Length L 6,43 m
Width 2,50 m
Immersion 0,28/1,55 m
Wys. od linii wodnej 8,80 m
Wys. masztu 6,00 m
Pow. grota 14,20 m2
Pow. foka 9,80 m2
Balast wodny 300 kg
Number of berths 2+2
Height in the cabin 1,70 m
Transportable weight 1100 kg
Engine power 10-60 KM
Prędkość do 35 km/h